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TINA Demos Index


The tarballs available on this page contain practical demonstrations of some of the various algorithms contained within the TINA software. Each contains a README file (also available for preview via this page) together with example data sets on which the algorithms can be demonstrated.

In order to use the examples, you must first have installed and built the TINA libraries (see the software page for detailed instructions). Then simply download the tarball to a convenient directory, unpack the files contained within it (using gunzip tarball.tar.gz and tar -xvf tarball.tar from the command line, where "tarball" should be replaced with the name of the tarball) and follow the instructions contained within the README file.

Demo Index

README Authors Tarball Size Updated
TINA Demo 001: The TINA Astronomy Tool (pdf) paul.bromiley@manchester.ac.uk Download 2.841466M 17/01/08
TINA Demo 002: The Stereo Vision Tool (pdf) neil.thacker(at)manchester.ac.uk Download 15.021589M 31/10/08
TINA Demo 003: The Medical Vision Tool (pdf) neil.thacker(at)manchester.ac.uk Download 32.19862M 14/10/08
TINA Demo 004: The Linear Poisson Model Tool (pdf) neil.thacker(at)manchester.ac.uk Download 31.421301M 17/06/17

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