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The documents available on this page are taken from the TINA internal memo system. This system is used as a repository for notable work by members of the core development team in image analysis and related areas. In many cases the memo was (or as is more often the case has formed the basis of) a publication. If this is so the details will be given on the cover of the memo. Ultimately, for a particular piece of work the document which enters the memo system is regarded as being the best description currently available and thus may not be as was presented in any external publication. Obviously the work in these memos has a relationship to the algorithms in TINA, although in some cases they describe approaches adopted rather than specific algorithms.

If you cannot find a particular memo or if their is a piece of work relating to TINA you would like details of please feel free to contact us at [contact@tina-vision.net]. This address should also be used if you have any problems with the memos on this page.

The memos listed under years 1994 to 1997 are mainly just title pages: the work has been concatenated into memo 1995-1998. The title pages are listed here to give a more detailed picture of the research interests of the group and the algorithms contained in TINA.


[Technical memos] Tina and other software manuals
[Statistics memos] Advanced Applied Statistics
[Vision memos] Human and Machine Vision
[Medical memos] MR and medical image analysis
[All memos] All of the above memos indexed on one page

The TINA memos cover a wide range of subjects in statistics, machine vision and medical image analysis, which can make it difficult to navigate through the system. Therefore, in order to provide a more structured presentation of the material, some of the more important memos have been collected together into three series, entitled "Statistics and Segmentation", "Features and Measurement" and "Recognition and Intelligence". The memos in each series have been arranged to show the progression of the research, from basic principles through to general conclusions.

Memo 2008-001 provides an introduction to each series, explaining the relevance of the material in each memo to the overall theme of the work. All of the included memos also feature a panel on the title page showing where they have been placed in each series.

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