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TINA Memos: Master Index




This is the master index of all of the TINA memos: they are indexed by category from the last page.

Memo Index

Number Title Authors File Updated
1987-001 TINA: The Sheffield AIVRU Vision System. J. Porrill, S.B. Pollard, T.P. Pridmore, J.B. Bowen, J.E.W. Mayhew and J.P. Frisby. pdf 26/02/09
1989-001 Developments to the Back-Propagation Learning Algorithm. N.A.Thacker, John E. W. Mayhew. pdf 24/11/09
1991-001 Designing a Layered Network for Context Sensitive Pattern Classification. Neil A. Thacker, John E. W. Mayhew. pdf 13/11/07
1991-002 Optimal Combination of Stereo Camera Calibration from Arbitrary Stereo Images. N.A.Thacker and J.E.W.Mayhew. pdf 08/09/05
1992-001 Combining the Opinions of Several Early Vision Modules using a Multi-Layer Perceptron. D M Booth, N A Thacker, J E W Mayhew and M K Pidcock pdf 30/08/12
1992-002 Online Stereo Camera Calibration. Neil A. Thacker and Patrick Courtney. pdf 13/11/07
1992-003 Pairwise Representations of Shape A.C.Evans, N.A.Thacker and J.E.W.Mayhew. pdf 11/07/07
1993-001 Statistical Analysis of a Stereo Matching Algorithm. N.A.Thacker and P.Courtney. pdf 16/10/04
1993-002 A Practical View Based 3D Object Recognition System. A.C.Evans, N.A.Thacker and J.E.W.Mayhew. pdf 11/07/07
1994-001 Tutorial: Overview of Stereo Matching Research. R.A.Lane and N.A.Thacker. pdf 11/12/07
1994-002 A Correlation Chip for Stereo Vision. R.A.Lane and N.A.Thacker. pdf 11/12/07
1994-003 Using a Switchable Model Kalman Filter. A.J.Lacey, N.A.Thacker and N.L.Seed. pdf 11/12/07
1995-001 Specification and Design of a General Purpose Image Processing Chip. N.A.Thacker, P.Courtney, S.N.Walker, S.J.Evans and R.B.Yates. pdf 11/12/07
1995-002 Calibrating a 4 DOF Stereo Head. N. A. Thacker pdf 11/12/07
1995-003 Invariance Network Architecture. A.J.Lacey, N. A. Thacker and N.L.Seed pdf 11/12/07
1995-004 Assessing the Completeness Properties of Pairwise Geometric Histograms. N.A.Thacker, P.A.Riocreux, and R.B.Yates. pdf 11/12/07
1995-1998 Tina Algorithms's Guide: (Beyond Geometric Vision....) Neil Thacker. pdf 13/11/07
1996-001 Algorithmic Modelling for Performance Evaluation. N.A.Thacker, P.Courtney and A.Clark. pdf 11/12/07
1996-002 Tutorial: The Likelihood Interpretation of the Kalman Filter. N.A.Thacker, A.J.Lacey. pdf 11/12/07
1996-003 Tutorial: Algorithms For 2-Dimensional Object Recognition. A.Ashbrook and N.A.Thacker. pdf 11/12/07
1996-004 Robust Recognition of Scaled Shapes Using Pairwise Geometric Histograms. A.P.Ashbrook, N.A.Thacker, P.I.Rockett and C.I.Brown. pdf 11/12/07
1996-005 Multiple Shape Recognition Using Pairwise Geometric Histogram Based Algorithms. A. P. Ashbrook, N. A. Thacker and P. I. Rockett. pdf 13/11/07
1997-001 The Bhattacharyya Metric as an Absolute Similarity Measure for Frequency Coded Data. N. A. Thacker, F. J. Aherne and P. I. Rockett pdf 26/02/09
1997-002 Supervised Learning Extensions to the CLAM Network. N. A. Thacker, I.A.Abraham and P.Courtney. pdf 11/12/07
1997-003 Tutorial: Supervised Neural Networks in Machine Vision. N. A. Thacker. pdf 11/12/07
1997-005 Speechreading Using Probabilistic Models J. Luettin and N.A.Thacker. pdf 13/11/07
1997-006 Autonomous Training Algorithms for Neural Networks. N.A.Thacker, P.I.Rockett and S.W.Beet. pdf 12/05/17
1999-001 The Bhattacharyya Measure Requires No Bias Correction. N.A.Thacker pdf 17/06/17
1999-002 A Feature Representation for Map Building and Path Planning. N.A.Thacker and A. J. Harris. pdf 13/11/07
1999-003 Error Modelling of Stereo Vision Data. A.Harris, N.A.Thacker. pdf 26/02/09
1999-004 B-Fitting: An Estimation Technique With Automatic Parameter Selection. N.A.Thacker, D.Prendergast, and P.I.Rockett. pdf 06/08/11
1999-005 Renormalised Sinc Interpolation. N.A.Thacker, A.Jackson, D.Moriarty and B.Vokurka. pdf 16/07/04
1999-006 The Application of the Bhattacharra Measure as a Selector of the Point of Optimal Generalisation During Neural Network Training. P. Rockett and N. A. Thacker. pdf 04/11/05
2000-002 Solving Shape Based Object Recognition from a Computational Standpoint - Practical and Physiological Constraints. N.A.Thacker. pdf 18/01/08
2000-003 Tutorial: Statistics and Estimation in Algorithmic Vision. N.A.Thacker. pdf 12/03/13
2000-004 A Fast Model Independent Method for Automatic Correction of Intensity Non-Uniformity E. Vokurka, N. Thacker and A. Jackson. pdf 18/10/08
2000-005 Tutorial: Structural MRI Analysis Using Volumetric Voxel Analysis. N.A.Thacker and M. Pokric. pdf 13/04/10
2000-006 Mathematical Segmentation of Grey Matter, White Matter and Cerebral Spinal Fluid from MR image Pairs. N.A.Thacker, A.Jackson, X.P.Zhu and K.L.Li. pdf 16/07/04
2000-007 Quantification of the severity and distribution of cerebral atrophy provides diagnostic information in dementing diseases. N.A. Thacker, A.R. Varma, D.Bathgate, J.S. Snowden, D.Neary and A.Jackson. pdf 26/02/09
2000-008 The Effects of Motion on Parametric fMRI Analysis Techniques. N.A.Thacker, E. Burton, A.J.Lacey and A.Jackson. pdf 16/07/04
2000-009 An Evaluation of the Performance of RANSAC Algorithms for Stereo Camera Calibration A. J. Lacey, N. Pinitkarn and N. A. Thacker pdf 26/02/09
2000-010 Strategies for Identification and Mark-up of Common Brain Structures Visible on Transverse Sections. Marietta Scott and N.A.Thacker. pdf 16/07/04
2000-011 Modal Division and its Application to Medical Image Analysis. N.A.Thacker and A.J.Reader. pdf 16/07/04
2001-001 Tutoral: Functional MRI Analysis. N.A.Thacker. pdf 27/09/05
2001-002 Locating Motion Artifacts in Parametric fMRI Analysis A.J.Lacey, N.A.Thacker, E. Burton, and A.Jackson pdf 21/02/09
2001-003 A New Approach for the Estimation of MTT in Bolus Passage Perfusion Techniques. N.A.Thacker. pdf 26/02/09
2001-004 Design of a Visual System for Detecting Natural Events by the use of an Independent Visual Estimate: A Human Fall Detector P. A. Bromiley, P. Courtney and N.A. Thacker pdf 10/02/09
2001-005 Model Selection and Convergence of the EM Algorithm. N.A. Thacker, M. Pokric and A.J.Lacey. pdf 13/11/07
2001-006 What is Intelligence?: Generalised Serial Problem Solving. N. A. Thacker, A.J.Lacey and P.Courtney. pdf 06/05/09
2001-007 Performance Characterisation in Computer Vision: The Role of Statistics in Testing and Design. P. Courtney and N.A.Thacker. pdf 26/02/09
2001-008 Derivation of the Renormalisation Formula for the Product of Uniform Probability Distributions and Extension to Non-Integer Dimensionality. P. A. Bromiley, T.F. Cootes and N.A. Thacker pdf 22/09/09
2001-009 Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation with Partial Voluming M. Pokric, N.A. Thacker, M.L.J. Scott and A. Jackson pdf 21/02/09
2001-010 The Effects of a Square Root Transform on a Poisson Distributed Quantity. N.A. Thacker and P.A. Bromiley pdf 21/02/09
2001-011 The Evolution of the TINA Stereo Vision Sub-System A. J. Lacey, N. A. Thacker, P. Courtney and S. Crossley pdf 21/02/09
2001-012 TINA 2001: The Closed Loop 3D Model Matcher A. J. Lacey, N. A. Thacker, P. Courtney and S. B. Pollard pdf 14/02/09
2001-013 Computing Covariances for Mutual Information Co-registration. N.A. Thacker, P.A. Bromiley and M. Pokric pdf 27/10/09
2001-014 Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Probabilistic Models for Image Analysis P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker, M.L.J. Scott, M. Pokric, A.J. Lacey and T.F. Cootes pdf 14/02/09
2001-015 Colour Image Segmentation by Non-Parametric Density Estimation in Colour Space P. A. Bromiley, N.A.Thacker and P. Courtney pdf 14/02/09
2002-001 Absolute reproducible quantification of Net Cerebral Blood Flow using Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Enhanced MRI, and its application in disease M.L.J. Scott, N.A. Thacker, P.A. Bromiley and A. Jackson pdf 14/02/09
2002-002 Validating MRI Field Homogeneity Correction Using Image Information Measures. N.A.Thacker , A. J. Lacey and P. A. Bromiley. pdf 14/02/09
2002-004 A Novel Method for Non-Parametric Image Subtraction: Identification of Enhancing Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis from MR Images. P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker and A. Jackson pdf 12/02/09
2002-005 An Empirical Design Methodology for the Construction of Machine Vision Systems. N.A.Thacker, A.J.Lacey, P.Courtney and G. S. Rees pdf 15/07/08
2002-006 Partial Volume Tissue Segmentation using Grey-Level Gradient. D. C. Williamson, N. A. Thacker, S. R. Williams and M. Pokric. pdf 16/07/04
2002-007 The Effects of an Arcsin Square Root Transform on a Binomial Distributed Quantity. P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 20/11/07
2002-008 Diagnosis of Dementing Diseases through the Distribution of Cerebral Atrophy: Development of a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Optimiser P. A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 12/02/09
2002-009 Using Quantitative Statistics for the Construction of Machine Vision Systems. N.A.Thacker pdf 13/11/06
2002-010 Automatic Model Selection by Modelling the Distribution of Residuals. T.F. Cootes, N. Thacker and C.J. Taylor. pdf 12/02/09
2003-001 What can Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Measures tell us about the Separation of Normal and Disease Groups? M.L.J. Scott, N.A. Thacker, A.J. Lacey pdf 12/02/09
2003-002 Computing Covariances for Mutual Information Coregistration 2 P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 17/10/12
2003-003 Products and Convolutions of Gaussian Probability Density Functions P.A. Bromiley pdf 23/06/18
2003-004 An Electrical Equivalence Model for CSF Pulsitility. N.A.Thacker, P.A.Bromiley and J.Kim pdf 16/07/04
2003-005 Voxel Based Analysis of Tissue Volume MRI Data N.A.Thacker, D.C. Williamson, M. Pokric pdf 12/02/09
2003-006 Characterisation of a Stereo Matching and Object Location System G. A. Buonaccorsi, A. J. Lacey, N. A. Thacker pdf 12/02/09
2003-007 Noise Filtering and Testing for MR Using a Multi-Dimensional Partial Volume Model N.A.Thacker, M. Pokric and P.A. Bromiley pdf 12/02/09
2003-008 Assessment of the Pad\'e Approximant as a Method for Quantifying $^1$H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Data D.C.Williamson and N.A.Thacker pdf 16/07/04
2003-009 Improving Accuracy, Robustness and Computational Efficiency in 3D Computer Vision S.Crossley, N.L.Seed, N.A.Thacker and P.A.Ivey pdf 16/07/04
2003-010 Step Interpolation of MR Images with Inter-Slice Gap Correction S. McKie and N.A. Thacker pdf 16/07/04
2003-011 Tutorial: A Critical Analysis of Voxel Based Morphometry (VBM). N.A.Thacker pdf 14/06/08
2003-012 The Derivation of Orientation-Invariant Shape Representation in Visual Object Recognition. E.C.Leek, S.J.Johnston,C.J.Atherton, N. A. Thacker, S.Danziger and A.Jackson. pdf 12/02/09
2004-001 Empirical Validation of Covariance Estimates for Mutual Information Coregistration P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 22/10/09
2004-002 Trends in Brain Volume Change with Normal Ageing P. A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker, M. Jones, N. Purandare, A. Varma and A. Jackson pdf 12/02/09
2004-003 Measuring Cerebral Blood Flow Using Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Enhanced MRI A. Jackson PhD MB ChB MRCP FRCR, N. A. Thacker PhD, M. L. J. Scott MSc pdf 12/02/09
2004-004 Shannon Entropy, Renyi Entropy, and Information P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker and E. Bouhova-Thacker pdf 31/07/10
2004-005 The Equal Variance Domain: Issues Surrounding the Use of Probability Densities in Algorithm Design Neil A. Thacker, Paul A. Bromiley and Emanuele Trucco pdf 25/06/10
2004-006 Parameter Estimation for EM Mixture Modelling and its Relationship to Likelihood and EML. N.A.Thacker. pdf 06/06/08
2004-007 Cerebral Cortical Thickness Measurements M.L.J. Scott and N.A. Thacker pdf 12/02/09
2004-008 Effects of Intramolecular Dipolar Coupling on the Isotropic-Nematic Phase Transition of a Hard Spereocylinders Fluid. D.C.Williamson, N. A. Thacker and S.R.Williams. pdf 11/02/09
2004-009 Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation with Partial Volume and Gradient Modelling N.A. Thacker, P.A. Bromiley and D.C. Williamson pdf 11/02/09
2004-010 Critical Values for the Test of Flatness of a Histogram Using the Bhattacharyya Measure. M.L.J.Scott. pdf 27/11/04
2004-011 Empirical Validation of Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulsatility Model J. Kim, N.A. Thacker, P.A. Bromiley and A. Jackson. pdf 02/12/04
2004-012 Tutorial: Computing 2D and 3D Optical Flow. J.L.Barron and N.A.Thacker. pdf 13/11/07
2004-013 Incorportating Optical Flow into Tinatool. J.L.Barron. pdf 22/01/05
2004-014 Funtional Contribution of Medial Pre-Cortex to Visuo-Spatial Transformation. S.J.Johnston, E.C.Leek, N. A. Thacker, and A.Jackson. pdf 11/12/07
2004-015 Functional Specialisation in Human Premotor Cortex: Visuo-Spatial Transformation in Pre-SMA During 2D Image Transformation. E.C.Leek, S.J.Johnston, C.J.Atherton, N. A. Thacker, and A.Jackson. pdf 12/04/05
2005-001 TINA 5.0 Programmer's Guide Neil Thacker pdf 28/02/15
2005-002 Tina 5.0 User's Guide Edited by N.A. Thacker and P.A. Bromiley pdf 03/10/08
2005-003 How to set up a local TINA code browser P.A. Bromiley pdf 11/02/09
2005-004 TINA 5.0 Programmer's Reference Edited by Neil Thacker pdf 11/12/04
2005-005 MSc Machine Vision Course : Practicals N.A.Thacker and P.D. Tar pdf 09/02/19
2005-006 Curve Fitting and Image Potentials: A Unification within the Likelihood Framework. N.A.Thacker. pdf 14/05/10
2005-007 Robust Tissue Boundary Detection for Cerebral Cortical Thickness Estimation M.L.J. Scott and Dr. N.A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2005-008 Tutorial: Statistical Design of Quantitative Vision Systems; Beyond Likelihood N.A.Thacker pdf 26/10/19
2005-009 A Guide to Best Practices. N. A. Thacker, A. F. Clark, J. Barron, R. Beveridge, C. Clark, P. Courtney, W.R. Crum, V. Ramesh pdf 17/04/08
2005-010 A Complexity Analysis for Normal Cerebral Blood and CSF Flow Jieun Kim, Paul A. Bromiley and Neil A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2005-011 Comparing the Performance of Least-Squares Estimators: when is GTLS Better than LS? A. Nayak, E. Trucco and N.A. Thacker pdf 13/11/07
2005-012 Comparison of Cerebral Blood Volume Maps gerenated from T2* and T1-weighted MRI Data in Intra-Axial Cerbral Tumours. H. A. Harooon, T. F. Pantakar, N. A. Thacker M. L. J. Scott, K. Embleton, X. P. Zhu, K. L. Li and A. Jackson. pdf 06/09/05
2005-013 Stability Testing of the TINA Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm P. A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 24/09/05
2005-014 The TINA Astronomy Tool P.A. Bromiley pdf 20/09/05
2005-0015 The Use of Modern Statistical Techniques in Physics: Comments on Talks at the PHYSTAT Meeting 17/11/05. N. A. Thacker. pdf 30/09/09
2006-001 A Guide to Sound Scientific Methodologies for Machine Vision Oriented PhD Students Simon Coupe and Neil Thacker pdf 13/04/06
2006-002 A Statistical Framework for Detection of Connected Features Sasirekha Palaniswamy, Neil A Thacker and Chris P Klingenberg pdf 26/02/09
2006-003 A Simple Electrical Equivalence Model of Intracranial Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulsatility: Design and Validation in Healthy Normals Jieun Kim, Neil A. Thacker, Paul A. Bromiley, Stephen J. Payne and Alan Jackson pdf 11/02/09
2006-004 A Comparative Evaluation of Cortical Thickness Measurement Techniques P. A. Bromiley, M.L.J. Scott, and N.A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2006-005 The TINA Graph Digitiser Tool P. A. Bromiley pdf 14/06/06
2006-006 Tutorial: A Critical Assessment of the Use of Riemann Manifolds for Shape Analysis. N.A. Thacker. pdf 12/11/10
2006-007 Quantitative Verification of Projected Views Using a Power Law Model of Feature Detection Simon Coupe and Neil Thacker pdf 12/06/14
2006-008 Statistical Principles for Selection of Computer Vision Algorithms as Modules for Visual Perception - Show Me the Errors. N. A. Thacker and P. A. Bromiley. pdf 22/08/12
2006-010 Models for Quantitative Testing of Edge Hypotheses. Neil A. Thacker. pdf 09/12/09
2006-011 The Effect of Noise on Maxima Selection. Neil A. Thacker. pdf 09/12/09
2007-001 Retinal Sampling, Feature Detection and Saccades; ~ A Statistical Perspective. Neil Thacker and Charles Leek. pdf 13/11/07
2007-002 Pad\'e Approximant: How to... and Why. D.C.Williamson and N.A.Thacker pdf 23/03/07
2007-003 A Model-Independent, Multi-Image Approach to MR Inhomogeneity Correction P. A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2007-004 Multispectral MRI De-noising Using Non-Local Means. J. V. Manjon , M. Robles and N.A.Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2007-005 When Less is More: Improvements in Medical Image Segmentation through Spatial Sub-Sampling P. A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2007-006 Prediction of the Jugular Venous Waveform using a Model of Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics J. Kim, P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker and A. Jackson pdf 26/03/08
2007-007 Automatic Identification of Morphometric Landmarks in Digital Images. Sasirekha Palaniswamy, Neil A Thacker and Christian Peter Klingenberg. pdf 13/11/07
2007-008 Tutorial: Defining Probability for Science. Neil A. Thacker. pdf 18/07/18
2007-009 Dependency of the TINA DODECANTS Algorithm on Scanner Manufacturer and Slice Orientation P. A. Bromiley pdf 11/02/09
2007-010 Parameter Estimation for EM in the Presence of Noise. N. A. Thacker and P.A.Bromiley. pdf 01/09/07
2007-011 A Methodology for Constructing View-Dependent Wireframe Models. S. Coupe, N. A. Thacker and P.A.Bromiley. pdf 20/05/08
2008-001 Visual Intelligence: The Series. Neil A. Thacker. pdf 11/12/07
2008-002 Problems with the Brainweb MRI Simulator in the Evaluation of Medical Image Segmentation Algorithms, and an Alternative Methodology P. A. Bromiley pdf 07/02/09
2008-003 Performance Evaluation of the TINA Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm on Brainweb Simulated Images P. A. Bromiley pdf 10/02/09
2008-004 A Statistical Interpretation of Non-Local Means N.A. Thacker, J.V. Manjon and P.A. Bromiley pdf 25/09/10
2008-005 Tutorial: Least-Squares Fitting P. A. Bromiley pdf 23/02/11
2008-006 Automated Landmark Extraction in Digital Images Sasirekha Palaniswamy, Neil.A.Thacker, Christian Peter Klingenberg. pdf 29/08/08
2008-007 Automatic Identification System for Morphometric Landmarks. Sasirekha Palaniswamy, Neil A Thacker and Christian Peter Klingenberg. pdf 22/07/08
2008-008 Advanced Computer Vision Lecture Slides. Neil A. Thacker. pdf 23/07/08
2008-009 The TINA Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm: Mathematical Derivations and Proofs P. A. Bromiley pdf 20/01/10
2008-010 Useful Image Processing Methods. Neil A Thacker. pdf 16/03/19
2009-001 A Fast, Model-Independent Method for Cerebral Cortical Thickness Estimation using MRI M.L.J. Scott, P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker, C.E. Hutchinson and A. Jackson pdf 02/04/09
2009-002 Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation with Partial Volume and Gradient Modelling P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 02/04/09
2009-003 Dual Component Linear Interpolation of View Spheres. N. A. Thacker, S.Coupe and P.A.Bromiley pdf 11/07/13
2009-004 Histogram-based Image Quality Checking. N.A. Thacker, H. Ragheb and P.A. Bromiley. pdf 09/02/16
2009-005 The Current Status of Pairwise Geometric Histograms S. Coupe pdf 29/07/09
2009-006 Landmark Analysis Software Review H. Ragheb, N.A. Thacker and P.A. Bromiley pdf 07/07/09
2009-007 Multi-Component MR Image Denoising using Local Means Manj\'on, N.A.Thacker, J.J. Lull, G. Garcia{}-Mart\'i pdf 19/09/09
2009-008 Avoiding Zero and Infinity in Sample Based Algorithms N.A.Thacker pdf 30/04/14
2009-009 Machine Learning of Projected 3D Shape S. N. Coupe pdf 09/04/10
2010-001 Quantification of `The Texture Analysis Problem.' P. Tar, N. A. Thacker pdf 28/01/10
2010-002 Seminar: A Quantitative Methodology for Design of Computer Vision Algorithms. N. A. Thacker pdf 14/06/11
2010-003 The Merits of 2D View vs. 3D Based Model Matching. N. A. Thacker and S.Coupe. pdf 11/07/13
2010-004 Automatic Morphological Landmark Location using Local Image Patch Registration P.A. Bromiley, H. Ragheb and N.A. Thacker pdf 26/10/10
2010-005 Automated Planetary Image Analysis and Associated Literature Paul Tar pdf 22/08/12
2010-006 Solving the Bias-Variance Problem during Network Training. N.A. Thacker pdf 09/02/18
2010-007 The TINA Geometric Morphometrics Toolkit P.A. Bromiley, H. Ragheb and N.A. Thacker pdf 18/05/12
2010-008 Can we use Pattern Recognition for Science? N.A.Thacker pdf 13/06/18
2010-009 Shape Analysis using Measurement Covariances H. Ragheb, N.A. Thacker pdf 09/02/11
2010-011 The Application of Appearance Models to Martian Impact Craters Paul Tar pdf 26/10/10
2010-012 Towards a Quantitative Segmentation of Martian Terrains. P. Tar, N.A. Thacker. pdf 05/07/12
2011-001 Measurement Covariance Structure for Pseudo Landmarks N.A. Thacker, H. Ragheb pdf 01/02/11
2011-002 A Quantitative Representation for the Segmentation of Martian Images P. Tar, N.A. Thacker. pdf 15/02/11
2011-003 Quantitative Counting with Bayes Theorem P. Tar {\footnote {Supervisor N.A. Thacker.}} pdf 10/06/11
2011-004 Extended Maximum Likelihood vs Maximum Likelihood P. Tar pdf 01/10/11
2011-005 Towards a Quantitative Analysis of Martian Terrains P.Tar and N.A.Thacker pdf 01/10/11
2011-006 Morphometric Shape Analysis with Measurement Covariance Estimates H.Ragheb and N.A.Thacker pdf 01/10/11
2011-007 Bending Energy, Procrustes Distance ... or Neither? N.A. Thacker pdf 12/10/16
2011-009 Estimating Anisotropic Measurement Errors on Landmarks; Extension from 2D to 3D. Hossein Ragheb, Neil.A.Thacker. pdf 13/12/11
2011-010 Quantifying Heterogeneity in Human Tumours using MRI and PET. M. Asselin, J.P.B. O'Connor, R. Boellaard, N.A. Thacker and A. Jackson pdf 16/11/12
2011-011 Model Selection Using AIC and Degree of Freedom Methods. Neil A Thacker pdf 24/06/15
2011-012 Quantitative Use of Pattern Recognition in the Analysis of Complex Data Distributions. N.A. Thacker. pdf 05/10/16
2012-001 Morphometric Shape Analysis with Measurement Covariance Estimates. Hossein Ragheb, Neil.A.Thacker, Paul Bromiley, Anja Schunke, Diethard Tautz. pdf 02/06/12
2012-002 Ice-Water Phantom Localisation for Diffusion Calibration. Hossein Ragheb, Neil.A.Thacker. pdf 20/03/12
2012-003 Quantitative Prior Estimation and Independent Component Analysis for Linear Poisson Models. P. Tar, N.A. Thacker. pdf 07/09/12
2012-004 A Quantitative Approach to the Analysis of Planetary Terrains. P.D.Tar, N.A.Thacker, M.A.Jones and J.D.Gilmour. pdf 07/09/12
2012-005 Towards a Power Calculation for ADC Measurement in Clinical Trials. Neil.A.Thacker, Hossein Ragheb and David Morris. pdf 11/09/12
2012-006 A Connected Blob Image Representation for Poisson Linear Models. Paul Tar and Neil.A.Thacker. pdf 15/11/12
2012-007 Monte-Carlo ADC Measurement Sensitivity Tables for Null Hypothesis Tests in Organs with Heterogeneity. Neil.A.Thacker and Hossein Ragheb. pdf 30/01/13
2012-008 TINA Demo 004: The Pairwise Tool H. Ragheb and N.A. Thacker. pdf 29/01/13
2013-001 Colorectal Liver Metastases Show Similar Microvascular Characteristics for Individual Patients. N.A.Thacker, L. Horsley and A.Jackson. pdf 05/09/17
2013-003 Quantitative Shape Analysis with Weighted Covariance Estimates for Increased Statistical Efficiency. Hossein Ragheb, Neil A.Thacker pdf 06/04/13
2013-004 Semi-automatic Landmark Point Annotation for Geometric Morphometrics P.A. Bromiley, A.C. Schunke, H. Ragheb, N.A. Thacker and D. Tautz pdf 07/09/13
2013-005 Interpreting Ice-Water Phantom Data for Prediction of Clinical ADC Measurement. Hossein Ragheb, Neil A. Thacker, David M. Morris and Alan Jackson pdf 12/11/13
2013-006 Linear Poisson Models: A Pattern Recognition Solution to the Histogram Composition Problem P. Tar, N.A. Thacker. pdf 19/02/14
2013-007 Quantitative Pattern Recognition: ~ Warts and All. N.A.Thacker. pdf 07/06/17
2013-008 Quantitative Planetary Image Analysis via Machine Learning. Paul Tar pdf 15/10/14
2013-009 Integrated Analysis of Dynamic PET and MR data. G.Krokos. pdf 22/11/14
2013-010 Some Thoughts on a Joint PET/MR model for Pharmokinetic Analysis. N.A. Thacker pdf 21/09/18
2014-001 Coalescence and Refinement of Moon Zoo Crater Annotations. P.D.Tar and N.A. Thacker. pdf 20/05/14
2014-002 Quantitation of False Positives Within Moon Zoo Crater Annotations. P.D.Tar and N.A. Thacker. pdf 20/05/14
2014-003 Scanner Quality Assurance using the IMI QuIC-ConCePT Ice-Water Phantom (draft \#2). Hossein Ragheb, Neil A. Thacker, David M. Morris and Alan Jackson. pdf 17/07/15
2014-004 Tutorial: Using Tina Vision's Quantitative Pattern Recognition Tool. P.D.Tar. pdf 10/06/14
2014-005 Negative Calibration for Citizen Science Crater Data. Paul D. Tar, N.A. Thacker. pdf 29/10/14
2014-006 Comparison of Local-rigid and Non-rigid Registration of Diffusion Weighted MRI for Improved Estimation of ADC. Hossein Ragheb, Neil A. Thacker, Jean-Marie Guyader, Stefan Klein and Alan Jackson pdf 26/04/17
2014-007 Multi-site Liver Tumour ADC Reproducibility at 1.5 T. Hossein Ragheb, Neil A. Thacker, Ryan Pathak, David M. Morris and Alan Jackson pdf 17/01/15
2014-008 Understanding and Reducing Crater Counting Errors in Citizen Science Data and the Need for Standardisation. P.D. Tar, N.A. Thacker, Others plus MoonZoo team. pdf 24/06/15
2014-009 Automated Quantitative Measurements and Associated Error Covariances for Planetary Image Analysis. P.D. Tar, N.A. Thacker, J.D. Gilmour, M.A. Jones. pdf 23/06/15
2015-001 Improving the Stability of MRI Parameter Estimates using Regional Sub-Sampling S.V. Notley and N.A. Thacker pdf 13/06/18
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pdf 12/11/16
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2017-004 Parallel Coordinates Software Tool Andrew Gait, Neil Thacker, Alan Jackson pdf 05/04/17
2017-005 Dicom Reader Software Tool Andrew Gait pdf 03/03/17
2017-006 Mathematical Modeling of Tumor Heterogeneity Increases Statistical Power in Assessing Response to Therapy. Paul D Tar, Neil A Thacker, James PB O pdf 17/05/18
2017-007 A Data-driven Statistical Model that Estimates Measurement Uncertainty, Improves Interpretation of ADC Reproducibility in a Multi-site Study of Liver Metastases. Ryan Pathak, Hossein Ragheb, Neil Thacker et. al. pdf 26/05/18
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2018-002 Deep Learning: Some Criticism for Discussion. Neil~Thacker. pdf 14/11/18
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2018-004 A New Method for the High-Precision Assessment of Tumor Changes in Response to Treatment. Paul Tar, Neil~Thacker, J.P.B. O'Connor et. al. pdf 18/05/18
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2019-002 Getting Better ROC Curves by Changing How we Use PR Outputs. Neil A. Thacker. pdf 06/11/19
2019-003 Considering Tumour Volume for Motion Corrected DWI of Colorectal Liver Metastases Increases Sensitivity of ADC to Detect Treatment-induced Changes. Ryan Pathak et.al. pdf 16/03/19
2019-004 Using Likelihood to Directly Construct Parameter Densities and Quantitative Interpretation of Bayes Theorem. Neil A. Thacker. pdf 21/05/19
2019-005 Simple Parametric Approximations to Log-likelihood Variation. Neil A. Thacker pdf 10/10/19
2020-001 Fundamental Issues Regarding Uncertainties in Artificial Neural Networks. N. A. Thacker, C. Twining, P.D.Tar, S. Notley and V. Ramesh pdf 28/02/20
2020-002 Presentation: Fundamental Issues Regarding Uncertainties in Artificial Neural Networks. N.A.Thacker. pdf 28/02/20

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