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TINA Memos: MR and Medical Image Analysis




These memos contain material which cover our attempts to define and extract quantitative information from a wide variety of medical images. As well as covering general purpose tasks (such as registration and interpolation), it includes our modified approach to measurement of Cerebral Perfusion, (intended to overcome the problems associated with deconvolution based techniques), and techniques for the analysis of cortical thickness, (intended to overcome the problems associated with voxel based morphometry).

Memo Index

Number Title Authors File Updated
1999-005 Renormalised Sinc Interpolation. N.A.Thacker, A.Jackson, D.Moriarty and B.Vokurka. pdf 16/07/04
2000-004 A Fast Model Independent Method for Automatic Correction of Intensity Non-Uniformity E. Vokurka, N. Thacker and A. Jackson. pdf 18/10/08
2000-005 Tutorial: Structural MRI Analysis Using Volumetric Voxel Analysis. N.A.Thacker and M. Pokric. pdf 13/04/10
2000-006 Mathematical Segmentation of Grey Matter, White Matter and Cerebral Spinal Fluid from MR image Pairs. N.A.Thacker, A.Jackson, X.P.Zhu and K.L.Li. pdf 16/07/04
2000-007 Quantification of the severity and distribution of cerebral atrophy provides diagnostic information in dementing diseases. N.A. Thacker, A.R. Varma, D.Bathgate, J.S. Snowden, D.Neary and A.Jackson. pdf 26/02/09
2000-010 Strategies for Identification and Mark-up of Common Brain Structures Visible on Transverse Sections. Marietta Scott and N.A.Thacker. pdf 16/07/04
2000-011 Modal Division and its Application to Medical Image Analysis. N.A.Thacker and A.J.Reader. pdf 16/07/04
2001-001 Tutoral: Functional MRI Analysis. N.A.Thacker. pdf 27/09/05
2001-002 Locating Motion Artifacts in Parametric fMRI Analysis A.J.Lacey, N.A.Thacker, E. Burton, and A.Jackson pdf 21/02/09
2001-003 A New Approach for the Estimation of MTT in Bolus Passage Perfusion Techniques. N.A.Thacker. pdf 26/02/09
2001-009 Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation with Partial Voluming M. Pokric, N.A. Thacker, M.L.J. Scott and A. Jackson pdf 21/02/09
2001-014 Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Probabilistic Models for Image Analysis P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker, M.L.J. Scott, M. Pokric, A.J. Lacey and T.F. Cootes pdf 14/02/09
2002-001 Absolute reproducible quantification of Net Cerebral Blood Flow using Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Enhanced MRI, and its application in disease M.L.J. Scott, N.A. Thacker, P.A. Bromiley and A. Jackson pdf 14/02/09
2002-002 Validating MRI Field Homogeneity Correction Using Image Information Measures. N.A.Thacker , A. J. Lacey and P. A. Bromiley. pdf 14/02/09
2002-004 A Novel Method for Non-Parametric Image Subtraction: Identification of Enhancing Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis from MR Images. P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker and A. Jackson pdf 12/02/09
2002-006 Partial Volume Tissue Segmentation using Grey-Level Gradient. D. C. Williamson, N. A. Thacker, S. R. Williams and M. Pokric. pdf 16/07/04
2002-008 Diagnosis of Dementing Diseases through the Distribution of Cerebral Atrophy: Development of a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Optimiser P. A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 12/02/09
2003-002 Computing Covariances for Mutual Information Coregistration 2 P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 17/10/12
2003-004 An Electrical Equivalence Model for CSF Pulsitility. N.A.Thacker, P.A.Bromiley and J.Kim pdf 16/07/04
2003-005 Voxel Based Analysis of Tissue Volume MRI Data N.A.Thacker, D.C. Williamson, M. Pokric pdf 12/02/09
2003-007 Noise Filtering and Testing for MR Using a Multi-Dimensional Partial Volume Model N.A.Thacker, M. Pokric and P.A. Bromiley pdf 12/02/09
2003-008 Assessment of the Pad\'e Approximant as a Method for Quantifying $^1$H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Data D.C.Williamson and N.A.Thacker pdf 16/07/04
2003-010 Step Interpolation of MR Images with Inter-Slice Gap Correction S. McKie and N.A. Thacker pdf 16/07/04
2003-011 Tutorial: A Critical Analysis of Voxel Based Morphometry (VBM). N.A.Thacker pdf 14/06/08
2004-001 Empirical Validation of Covariance Estimates for Mutual Information Coregistration P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 22/10/09
2004-002 Trends in Brain Volume Change with Normal Ageing P. A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker, M. Jones, N. Purandare, A. Varma and A. Jackson pdf 12/02/09
2004-003 Measuring Cerebral Blood Flow Using Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Enhanced MRI A. Jackson PhD MB ChB MRCP FRCR, N. A. Thacker PhD, M. L. J. Scott MSc pdf 12/02/09
2004-007 Cerebral Cortical Thickness Measurements M.L.J. Scott and N.A. Thacker pdf 12/02/09
2004-008 Effects of Intramolecular Dipolar Coupling on the Isotropic-Nematic Phase Transition of a Hard Spereocylinders Fluid. D.C.Williamson, N. A. Thacker and S.R.Williams. pdf 11/02/09
2004-009 Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation with Partial Volume and Gradient Modelling N.A. Thacker, P.A. Bromiley and D.C. Williamson pdf 11/02/09
2004-011 Empirical Validation of Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulsatility Model J. Kim, N.A. Thacker, P.A. Bromiley and A. Jackson. pdf 02/12/04
2005-007 Robust Tissue Boundary Detection for Cerebral Cortical Thickness Estimation M.L.J. Scott and Dr. N.A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2005-010 A Complexity Analysis for Normal Cerebral Blood and CSF Flow Jieun Kim, Paul A. Bromiley and Neil A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2005-012 Comparison of Cerebral Blood Volume Maps gerenated from T2* and T1-weighted MRI Data in Intra-Axial Cerbral Tumours. H. A. Harooon, T. F. Pantakar, N. A. Thacker M. L. J. Scott, K. Embleton, X. P. Zhu, K. L. Li and A. Jackson. pdf 06/09/05
2005-013 Stability Testing of the TINA Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm P. A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 24/09/05
2006-003 A Simple Electrical Equivalence Model of Intracranial Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulsatility: Design and Validation in Healthy Normals Jieun Kim, Neil A. Thacker, Paul A. Bromiley, Stephen J. Payne and Alan Jackson pdf 11/02/09
2006-004 A Comparative Evaluation of Cortical Thickness Measurement Techniques P. A. Bromiley, M.L.J. Scott, and N.A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2007-002 Pad\'e Approximant: How to... and Why. D.C.Williamson and N.A.Thacker pdf 23/03/07
2007-003 A Model-Independent, Multi-Image Approach to MR Inhomogeneity Correction P. A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2007-004 Multispectral MRI De-noising Using Non-Local Means. J. V. Manjon , M. Robles and N.A.Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2007-005 When Less is More: Improvements in Medical Image Segmentation through Spatial Sub-Sampling P. A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 11/02/09
2007-006 Prediction of the Jugular Venous Waveform using a Model of Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics J. Kim, P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker and A. Jackson pdf 26/03/08
2007-009 Dependency of the TINA DODECANTS Algorithm on Scanner Manufacturer and Slice Orientation P. A. Bromiley pdf 11/02/09
2008-002 Problems with the Brainweb MRI Simulator in the Evaluation of Medical Image Segmentation Algorithms, and an Alternative Methodology P. A. Bromiley pdf 07/02/09
2008-003 Performance Evaluation of the TINA Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm on Brainweb Simulated Images P. A. Bromiley pdf 10/02/09
2008-004 A Statistical Interpretation of Non-Local Means N.A. Thacker, J.V. Manjon and P.A. Bromiley pdf 25/09/10
2008-009 The TINA Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm: Mathematical Derivations and Proofs P. A. Bromiley pdf 20/01/10
2009-001 A Fast, Model-Independent Method for Cerebral Cortical Thickness Estimation using MRI M.L.J. Scott, P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker, C.E. Hutchinson and A. Jackson pdf 02/04/09
2009-002 Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation with Partial Volume and Gradient Modelling P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 02/04/09
2009-004 Histogram-based Image Quality Checking. N.A. Thacker, H. Ragheb and P.A. Bromiley. pdf 09/02/16
2009-007 Multi-Component MR Image Denoising using Local Means Manj\'on, N.A.Thacker, J.J. Lull, G. Garcia{}-Mart\'i pdf 19/09/09
2010-004 Automatic Morphological Landmark Location using Local Image Patch Registration P.A. Bromiley, H. Ragheb and N.A. Thacker pdf 26/10/10
2010-009 Shape Analysis using Measurement Covariances H. Ragheb, N.A. Thacker pdf 09/02/11
2011-006 Morphometric Shape Analysis with Measurement Covariance Estimates H.Ragheb and N.A.Thacker pdf 01/10/11
2011-009 Estimating Anisotropic Measurement Errors on Landmarks; Extension from 2D to 3D. Hossein Ragheb, Neil.A.Thacker. pdf 13/12/11
2012-002 Ice-Water Phantom Localisation for Diffusion Calibration. Hossein Ragheb, Neil.A.Thacker. pdf 20/03/12
2012-005 Towards a Power Calculation for ADC Measurement in Clinical Trials. Neil.A.Thacker, Hossein Ragheb and David Morris. pdf 11/09/12
2012-007 Monte-Carlo ADC Measurement Sensitivity Tables for Null Hypothesis Tests in Organs with Heterogeneity. Neil.A.Thacker and Hossein Ragheb. pdf 30/01/13
2013-001 Colorectal Liver Metastases Show Similar Microvascular Characteristics for Individual Patients. N.A.Thacker, L. Horsley and A.Jackson. pdf 05/09/17
2013-005 Interpreting Ice-Water Phantom Data for Prediction of Clinical ADC Measurement. Hossein Ragheb, Neil A. Thacker, David M. Morris and Alan Jackson pdf 12/11/13
2013-009 Integrated Analysis of Dynamic PET and MR data. G.Krokos. pdf 22/11/14
2014-003 Scanner Quality Assurance using the IMI QuIC-ConCePT Ice-Water Phantom (draft \#2). Hossein Ragheb, Neil A. Thacker, David M. Morris and Alan Jackson. pdf 17/07/15
2014-006 Comparison of Local-rigid and Non-rigid Registration of Diffusion Weighted MRI for Improved Estimation of ADC. Hossein Ragheb, Neil A. Thacker, Jean-Marie Guyader, Stefan Klein and Alan Jackson pdf 26/04/17
2014-007 Multi-site Liver Tumour ADC Reproducibility at 1.5 T. Hossein Ragheb, Neil A. Thacker, Ryan Pathak, David M. Morris and Alan Jackson pdf 17/01/15
2015-001 Improving the Stability of MRI Parameter Estimates using Regional Sub-Sampling S.V. Notley and N.A. Thacker pdf 13/06/18
2015-003 A Review of Electrical Equivalence Models for the Evaluation of Intracranial Pulsatility. W. Hartley. pdf 17/03/15
2015-009 Using a Simulated Electrical Equivalence Model to Understand Intracranial Pulsatility. Wayne Hartley and Neil Thacker. pdf 27/06/15
2015-013 Integrated Analysis of Dynamic PET and MR Brain Images for the Development of Imaging Biomarkers of Drug Resistance and Delivery. Georgios Krokos. pdf 11/09/15
2015-014 The Application of Linear Poisson Models to Changes in ADC Measurements. Neil Thacker and Paul Tar pdf 11/05/18
2015-015 Quantitative Noise Estimation in Temporal MR Sequences G. Krokos and N.A.Thacker. pdf 10/11/15
2016-002 Histogram-based Image Quality Assessment N.A. Thacker and H. Ragheb. pdf 10/02/16
2016-003 Volumetric Accuracy and Parameter dependencies of MR Brain Tissue Model S. V Notley and N. A. Thacker pdf 02/03/16
2016-009 Estimating Noise Models for Arbitrary Images. N. A. Thacker, S. Deepaisarn and A. McMahon. pdf 29/04/16
2016-011 Assessing MR Image Data Quality for Automated Volumetric Analysis S. V Notley and N. A. Thacker pdf 13/05/16

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