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TINA Memos: Advanced Applied Statistics




These memos contain a combination of derivations of statistical procedures combined with discussions of appropriate use of advanced methods. In particular material is presented which discusses Bayes Theory and the non-equivalence of probability and probability densities, which we believe has important consequences for the fields of computer vision and pattern recognition. In addition, several documents discuss the origins of `information' based measures and their often inappropriate use as cost fucntions.

Memo Index

Number Title Authors File Updated
1993-001 Statistical Analysis of a Stereo Matching Algorithm. N.A.Thacker and P.Courtney. pdf 16/10/04
1994-003 Using a Switchable Model Kalman Filter. A.J.Lacey, N.A.Thacker and N.L.Seed. pdf 11/12/07
1996-002 Tutorial: The Likelihood Interpretation of the Kalman Filter. N.A.Thacker, A.J.Lacey. pdf 11/12/07
1997-001 The Bhattacharyya Metric as an Absolute Similarity Measure for Frequency Coded Data. N. A. Thacker, F. J. Aherne and P. I. Rockett pdf 26/02/09
1997-002 Supervised Learning Extensions to the CLAM Network. N. A. Thacker, I.A.Abraham and P.Courtney. pdf 11/12/07
1997-003 Tutorial: Supervised Neural Networks in Machine Vision. N. A. Thacker. pdf 11/12/07
1999-001 The Bhattacharyya Measure Requires No Bias Correction. the courtesy of at least reading its contents first.}} pdf 30/08/12
1999-004 B-Fitting: An Estimation Technique With Automatic Parameter Selection. N.A.Thacker, D.Prendergast, and P.I.Rockett. pdf 06/08/11
1999-006 The Application of the Bhattacharra Measure as a Selector of the Point of Optimal Generalisation During Neural Network Training. P. Rockett and N. A. Thacker. pdf 04/11/05
2000-003 Tutorial: Statistics and Estimation in Algorithmic Vision. N.A.Thacker. pdf 12/03/13
2001-005 Model Selection and Convergence of the EM Algorithm. N.A. Thacker, M. Pokric and A.J.Lacey. pdf 13/11/07
2001-007 Performance Characterisation in Computer Vision: The Role of Statistics in Testing and Design. P. Courtney and N.A.Thacker. pdf 26/02/09
2001-008 Derivation of the Renormalisation Formula for the Product of Uniform Probability Distributions and Extension to Non-Integer Dimensionality. P. A. Bromiley, T.F. Cootes and N.A. Thacker pdf 22/09/09
2001-010 The Effects of a Square Root Transform on a Poisson Distributed Quantity. N.A. Thacker and P.A. Bromiley pdf 21/02/09
2001-013 Computing Covariances for Mutual Information Co-registration. N.A. Thacker, P.A. Bromiley and M. Pokric pdf 27/10/09
2001-014 Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Probabilistic Models for Image Analysis P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker, M.L.J. Scott, M. Pokric, A.J. Lacey and T.F. Cootes pdf 14/02/09
2002-002 Validating MRI Field Homogeneity Correction Using Image Information Measures. N.A.Thacker , A. J. Lacey and P. A. Bromiley. pdf 14/02/09
2002-007 The Effects of an Arcsin Square Root Transform on a Binomial Distributed Quantity. P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 20/11/07
2002-009 Using Quantitative Statistics for the Construction of Machine Vision Systems. N.A.Thacker pdf 13/11/06
2003-002 Computing Covariances for Mutual Information Coregistration 2 P.A. Bromiley and N.A. Thacker pdf 17/10/12
2003-003 Products and Convolutions of Gaussian Probability Density Functions P.A. Bromiley pdf 15/08/14
2004-004 Shannon Entropy, Renyi Entropy, and Information P.A. Bromiley, N.A. Thacker and E. Bouhova-Thacker pdf 31/07/10
2004-005 The Equal Variance Domain: Issues Surrounding the Use of Probability Densities in Algorithm Design Neil A. Thacker, Paul A. Bromiley and Emanuele Trucco pdf 25/06/10
2004-006 Parameter Estimation for EM Mixture Modelling and its Relationship to Likelihood and EML. N.A.Thacker. pdf 06/06/08
2004-010 Critical Values for the Test of Flatness of a Histogram Using the Bhattacharyya Measure. M.L.J.Scott. pdf 27/11/04
2005-006 Curve Fitting and Image Potentials: A Unification within the Likelihood Framework. N.A.Thacker. pdf 14/05/10
2005-008 Tutorial: Statistical Design of Quantitative Vision Systems; Beyond Likelihood N.A.Thacker pdf 08/12/16
2005-011 Comparing the Performance of Least-Squares Estimators: when is GTLS Better than LS? A. Nayak, E. Trucco and N.A. Thacker pdf 13/11/07
2005-0015 The Use of Modern Statistical Techniques in Physics: Comments on Talks at the PHYSTAT Meeting 17/11/05. N. A. Thacker. pdf 30/09/09
2006-006 Tutorial: A Critical Assessment of the Use of Riemann Manifolds for Shape Analysis. N.A. Thacker. pdf 12/11/10
2006-007 Quantitative Verification of Projected Views Using a Power Law Model of Feature Detection Simon Coupe and Neil Thacker pdf 12/06/14
2006-008 Statistical Principles for Selection of Computer Vision Algorithms as Modules for Visual Perception - Show Me the Errors. N. A. Thacker and P. A. Bromiley. pdf 22/08/12
2007-001 Retinal Sampling, Feature Detection and Saccades; ~ A Statistical Perspective. Neil Thacker and Charles Leek. pdf 13/11/07
2007-002 Pad\'e Approximant: How to... and Why. D.C.Williamson and N.A.Thacker pdf 23/03/07
2007-008 Tutorial: Defining Probability for Science. Neil A. Thacker. pdf 05/06/15
2007-010 Parameter Estimation for EM in the Presence of Noise. N. A. Thacker and P.A.Bromiley. pdf 01/09/07
2008-004 A Statistical Interpretation of Non-Local Means N.A. Thacker, J.V. Manjon and P.A. Bromiley pdf 25/09/10
2008-005 Tutorial: Least-Squares Fitting P. A. Bromiley pdf 23/02/11
2008-009 The TINA Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm: Mathematical Derivations and Proofs P. A. Bromiley pdf 20/01/10
2009-003 Dual Component Linear Interpolation of View Spheres. N. A. Thacker, S.Coupe and P.A.Bromiley pdf 11/07/13
2009-004 Histogram-based Image Quality Checking. N.A. Thacker, H. Ragheb and P.A. Bromiley. pdf 09/02/16
2009-008 Avoiding Zero and Infinity in Sample Based Algorithms N.A.Thacker pdf 30/04/14
2010-006 Solving the Bias-Variance Problem during Network Training. N.A. Thacker pdf 11/05/10
2010-008 Can we use Pattern Recognition for Science? N.A.Thacker pdf 20/01/12
2010-009 Shape Analysis using Measurement Covariances H. Ragheb, N.A. Thacker pdf 09/02/11
2011-001 Measurement Covariance Structure for Pseudo Landmarks N.A. Thacker, H. Ragheb pdf 01/02/11
2011-003 Quantitative Counting with Bayes Theorem P. Tar {\footnote {Supervisor N.A. Thacker.}} pdf 10/06/11
2011-004 Extended Maximum Likelihood vs Maximum Likelihood P. Tar pdf 01/10/11
2011-006 Morphometric Shape Analysis with Measurement Covariance Estimates H.Ragheb and N.A.Thacker pdf 01/10/11
2011-009 Estimating Anisotropic Measurement Errors on Landmarks; Extension from 2D to 3D. Hossein Ragheb, Neil.A.Thacker. pdf 13/12/11
2012-001 Morphometric Shape Analysis with Measurement Covariance Estimates. Hossein Ragheb, Neil.A.Thacker, Paul Bromiley, Anja Schunke, Diethard Tautz. pdf 02/06/12
2012-003 Quantitative Prior Estimation and Independent Component Analysis for Linear Poisson Models. P. Tar, N.A. Thacker. pdf 07/09/12
2012-007 Monte-Carlo ADC Measurement Sensitivity Tables for Null Hypothesis Tests in Organs with Heterogeneity. Neil.A.Thacker and Hossein Ragheb. pdf 30/01/13
2013-003 Quantitative Shape Analysis with Weighted Covariance Estimates for Increased Statistical Efficiency. Hossein Ragheb, Neil A.Thacker pdf 06/04/13
2013-004 Semi-automatic Landmark Point Annotation for Geometric Morphometrics P.A. Bromiley, A.C. Schunke, H. Ragheb, N.A. Thacker and D. Tautz pdf 07/09/13
2013-007 Quantitative Pattern Recognition: ~ Warts and All. N.A.Thacker. pdf 22/02/14
2013-008 Quantitative Planetary Image Analysis via Machine Learning. Paul Tar pdf 15/10/14
2014-002 Quantitation of False Positives Within Moon Zoo Crater Annotations. P.D.Tar and N.A. Thacker. pdf 20/05/14
2014-005 Negative Calibration for Citizen Science Crater Data. Paul D. Tar, N.A. Thacker. pdf 29/10/14
2014-008 Understanding and Reducing Crater Counting Errors in Citizen Science Data and the Need for Standardisation. P.D. Tar, N.A. Thacker, Others plus MoonZoo team. pdf 24/06/15
2014-009 Automated Quantitative Measurements and Associated Error Covariances for Planetary Image Analysis. P.D. Tar, N.A. Thacker, J.D. Gilmour, M.A. Jones. pdf 23/06/15
2015-001 Improving the Stability of MRI Parameter Estimates using Regional Sub-Sampling S.V. Notley and N.A. Thacker pdf 23/10/15
2015-002 Understanding and Improving Residual Distributions for Linear Poisson Models P.D. Tar, N.A. Thacker pdf 10/03/15
2015-005 Background Subtraction and Noise Modelling for Spectroscopy Data Ashley Seepujak, Neil A Thacker, Paul D Tar pdf 25/04/15
2015-006 Numerical Estimation of Parameter Covariances. Neil A Thacker, Ashley Seepujak, Paul D Tar, Georgios Krokos. pdf 19/05/15
2015-008 Linear Poisson Models; For the Rest of Us. J. Gilmour. pdf 23/06/15
2015-010 Fourier Domain Alignment for Independently Binned Poisson Spectra P.D. Tar, N.A.Thacker and A. Seepujak. pdf 12/09/15
2015-011 Extraction of Physical Quantities from Isotope Mixing Diagrams. Jamie Gilmour. pdf 23/07/15
2015-014 The Application of Linear Poisson Models to Changes in ADC Measurements. Paul Tar and Neil Thacker pdf 10/03/17
2015-015 Quantitative Noise Estimation in Temporal MR Sequences G. Krokos and N.A.Thacker. pdf 10/11/15
2016-003 Volumetric Accuracy and Parameter dependencies of MR Brain Tissue Model S. V Notley and N. A. Thacker pdf 02/03/16
2016-004 ``Adopting the Conventional Mis-use of Probability Notation...'' N.A. Thacker and S.Notley. pdf 02/06/16
2016-006 When Bayesian Model Selection meets the Scientific Method. N.A. Thacker. pdf 17/02/17
2016-007 The Statistical Properties of Raw and Preprocessed ToF Mass Spectra. A.P. Seepujak, N.A. Thacker, P.D. Tar and J.D. Gilmour. pdf 04/10/16
2016-009 Estimating Noise Models for Arbitrary Images. N. A. Thacker, S. Deepaisarn and A. McMahon. pdf 29/04/16

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