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image library

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stereo images
temporal images
assorted images


On this page a selection of the images used for machine vision research at the University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield are made available for you to download.

The stereo image pairs are made available in both aiff  (TINA image file format) and pgm (portable greylevel map, readable by many packages including XV).  All stereo pairs have the filename structure :  basename.l.type and basename.r.type.  Where l refers to the left image, r refers to the right image and type is either aiff or pgm.  The stereo sequences have an added extension denoting the frame number thus:  basename.xxx.l.type.  Where xxx is the 3 digit frame number starting at 000. The remaining images are single (mono) images and have the extensions aiff or pgm.

None of the aiff images were captured using parallel stereo camera systems so for the aiff images epipolar / raster alignment is not guaranteed. Using the TINA stereo calibration software, the geometries for the camera systems involved were derived and from that information, camera (.cam) files have been generated which are supplied with each pair of aiff images. In the TINA environment, the camera files allow the stereo vision tools to work with the aiff images directly, and return results in mm. If your stereo algorithms cannot handle arbitrary camera geometries, a corresponding set of pgm images are supplied which have been rectified using TINA so the epiolar lines for stereo pairs are aligned with the image rasters.

The images in the library are all compressed using gzip and require gunzip to remove them.  Where there are multiple images these have been grouped and compressed using tar and gzip.  To recover these images it is necessary to use gunzip followed by tar -xvf <filename>.

Stereo Image Pairs
House Image Lego House  AIFF (90KB) PGM (120KB) 
Shaft Assembly Image Shaft Assembly AIFF (280KB) PGM (340KB)
Large Crystal S.E.M.  Large Crystal AIFF (180KB) PGM (120KB)
Small Crystal S.E.M.  Small Crystal AIFF (180KB) PGM (120KB)
Etched Surface S.E.M.  Etched  Surface AIFF (330KB) PGM (320KB)
Head Image Head AIFF (460KB) PGM (420KB)
Saucer Image Saucer AIFF (270KB) PGM (250KB)
Temporal Image Sequences
Cubes Sequence Cubes Sequence AIFF (2.2MB) PGM (2.3MB)
Train Sequence Toy Train Sequence AIFF (2.5MB) PGM (2.5MB)
Assorted Images used in Teaching
Brodatz Textures Brodatz Textures AIFF (200KB) PGM (200KB)
Chromosomes Image Chromosomes AIFF (65KB) PGM (65KB)
MR Brain Image MRI Dual Echo AIFF (160KB) PGM (78KB)
Fish Image Fish AIFF (25KB) PGM (25KB)
Chromosomes Image Karyo AIFF (26KB) PGM (26KB)
Muscle Image Muscle AIFF (130KB) PGM (130KB)
Retinogram Retino AIFF (162KB) PGM (162KB)
Chromosome tray Chromosone Tray AIFF (240KB) PGM (116KB)

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