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The TINA KNOPPIX cd distributed to students attending practical sessions in the Stopford Building has a small error that prevents completion of the second assessed practical (the one dealing with stereo vision). This page describes a fix for the problem. Either follow the instructions below, or complete the practical in the NiAC lab.

1. Download the three files below (Makefile, tinaTool.c and tinaTool.cls). If your browser opens them as text, right-click on each file and select "save target as" or something similar.

2. Copy them to some media that you can view under TINA KNOPPIX (e.g. a memory stick or floppy disk: these instructions assume that you use a memory stick).

3. Boot your TINA KNOPPIX cd, and insert your memory stick.

4. Open a terminal (icon that looks like a computer monitor on the bottom left-hand side of the screen). Type the following

su root
cd /home/knoppix
mkdir tina5
cd /mnt
mkdir uba1
mount /dev/uba1 /mnt/uba1

If this generates an error referring to "not a valid block device", try sda1 instead of uba1. (If you are using a floppy disk, you don't need to type the second mkdir command above, or the mount command: simply click on the desktop icon for the floppy disk, and it will be mounted on /mnt/auto/floppy i.e. use that instead of /mnt/sda1 in the commands below). Then type

cd /mnt/sda1
cp "file name" /home/knoppix/tina5

Repeat the final command for all three files. Then type

cd /home/knoppix/tina5

You should see three things listed:


Make sure that the file names have the capital letters! If they don't, you can rename them using

mv "old file name" "new file name".

Then type


This should build the Tina executable. You may see a warning message stating that an implicit declaration was made, but you can safely ignore it. Finally, type

./tinaTool -r

to run the practical.

Since the TINA KNOPPIX distribution is cd-based, you will have to repeat this process every time you reboot the computer.


Makefile [download]
tinaTool.c [download]
tinaTool.cls [download]

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