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Rectification Functions

extern Vec2    rectify_pos(Mat3 rect, Vec2 p);

extern double  rectify_orient(Mat3 rect, Vec2 p, double or);

extern void    rectify_pos_and_dir(Mat3 rect, Vec2 * p, Vec2 * v);
Various rectification function. Each computes projective maps for image locations, orientations and direction vectors. Image loaction and direction are represented as a Vec2 and orientation in radians. The projective transform is given by the Mat3 rect.

void    edge_apply_rect(Edgel * edge, int type, Mat3 * rect);

void    edge_apply_derect(Edgel * edge, int type, Mat3 * rect);

void    edge_add_rect_prop(Edgel * edge, int type, Mat3 * rect);

void    er_add_rectpos_prop(Imrect * er, Mat3 rect);

void    er_rectify(Imrect * er, Mat3 rect);

void    er_derectify(Imrect * er, Mat3 rect);

Functions to rectify an individual edge or all edges in the edgerect er. The type argument in edge_apply_rect and edge_apply_derect conforms to standard Tina indirect calling functions.

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