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The basic image structure is the Imrect (Image Rectangle) which specifies the type and size of the image, the region of interest it covers, provides an index into the image data itself and has a property list for the flexible storage of extra more specific information about particular images.

Note that numerous imrects may exist for the same image; each with a different, possibly overlapping, region of interest. And that the whole of the image may not be available.

Also note that while the elements that form each row of the Imrect are guarantied to occupy contiguous memory locations adjacent rows will not necessarily do so.

typedef struct imrect
    Ts_id ts_id;                /* Tina structure identifier */
    Vartype vtype;
    int     width, height;      /* of image */
    Imregion *region;           /* region covered */
    void   *data;               /* array of pointers to rows */
    struct list *props;         /* covers all the extras for an edge
                                 * rect */
} Imrect;


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