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Histogram Manipulation

In addition to the basic histogram generation and printing options some useful manipulation routines are also provided for diagonal summation, forward and backwards integration, smoothing, fitting and fit parameter covariance estimation.
double hdiag(shistogram *ph)

void hintegf(shistogram *ph)

void hintegb(shistogram *ph)

void hsmoof(shistogram *ph)

void hfit(FILE *fp,shistogram *ph,int n,double *a,double *w,
          double (*fitfunc)(int, double *,float),
          double (*derfunc)(double *,float,int),
          double (*errfunc)(shistogram *,float))

double **herror_analysis(FILE *fp,shistogram *ph,int n,double *a,
          double (*fitfunc)(int, double *,float),
          double (*derfunc)(double *,float,int),
          double(*errfunc)(shistogram *,float),
          int exclude)

void hfit_gauss(FILE *fp,shistogram *ph)

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