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Geometry File formats

Geometry files are stored as ASCI to facilitate user modification. Currently only points lines and conics are output. All data is in 3D, 2D features have their 3rd ordinate set to zero. This facilitates transparent exchange of 2D and 3D data structures from file (ie 2D data can be read as a planar geometrical object in the Stereo Tool).

Straight lines are represented in the following overdetermined fashion.

label        entry identifier
visibility   number of times the entry has been seen
end1         3 vector end point
end2         3 vector end point
direction    3 vector from end1 to end2
Ellipses are described as follows.
label        entry identifier
centre       3 vector ellipse centre
x-axis       3 vector conic axis.
y-axis       3 vector conic axis.
theta        major axis of elipse w.r.t ellipse coordinates.
alpha        length of major axis
beta         length of minor axis
t1           angular start point (radians)
t2           angular end point (radians)

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