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[17/05/2012] The final version of the TINA Geometric Morphometrics toolkit, which includes the TINA Manual Landmark tool, is now available.

Installation and usage instructions can be found in the Users Guide. A new version of the TINA Knoppix CD has also been created in order to showcase the software. The TINA Knoppix web page contains further information (these web pages are also available on the disk itself). An ISO image of the disk can be obtained here.

Finally, a description of the manual landmarking tool, and a comparison with the AMIRA software package, has been published:

A.C. Schunke, P.A. Bromiley, D. Tautz and N.A. Thacker. TINA Manual Landmarking tool: software for the precise digitization of 3D landmarks. Frontiers in Zoology 9(1):6, 2012.

The authors would appreciate it if this reference could be included in any published work that uses the TINA Geometric Morphometrics toolkit.

[17/02/2011] A new version of the TINA Knoppix CD has been created in order to showcase the Manual Landmarking toolkit. The TINA Knoppix web page contains further information (these web pages are also available on the disk itself). An ISO image of the disk can be obtained here.
[09/07/2010] The TINA Manual Landmarking toolkit has been released. This software allows the user to load a 3D tomographic image and manually specify morphometric landmarks within it, for use in Procrustes analysis or similar techniques. It provides multiple, simultaneous views of the data including a 3D volume rendering, produced using the Volpack library. An extensive manual describing the installation and use of the software is available from the TINA memo site. The software itself is available from the tarballs area. Note that, in order to use the latest version of the Manual Landmarking toolkit, you will have to install the latest version of the TINA libraries; since the Manual Landmark toolkit is our main project at the moment, this is likeliy to be true for some time to come.
[12/11/2009] A new version of TINA (ver. 6) has been released. The major changes compared to Tina 5 are the removal of all widget set interfaces except for Gtk+ 2, and simplifications to the build system. The code has not yet been placed under CVS control, but is available via the tarballs link on the software page of the website. See the INSTALL document in each tarball for instructions on how to build the libraries: the main difference compared to Tina 5 is the removal of the bootstrap script, so that the libraries should now build with ./configure, make and make install.
[16/1/2008] A new demos page has been added to the website. This is modelled on the memos system, and provides a method for distributing tarballs containing add-on code or example data-sets and replays that can be used to demonstrate the various algorithms contained within TINA.
[15/11/2007] In order to provide a more structured way to read the material on the TINA memos page, some of the memos have been collected into three series, entitled "Features and Measurement", "Statistics and Segmentation", and "Recognition and Intelligence". These memos now feature a panel on the title page showing where they are placed in each series. In addition, memo 2001-008 provides an introduction to each series, listing the included memos and describing their relevance to the overall themes of the research.
[5/4/2006] The TINA server will be shut down for essential maintenance at 6pm GMT on 6/4/2006. All services should be available again by 11am on 7/4/2006.
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