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The following are current members of the TINA development team

photo name: Neil Thacker

Neil holds a 1st Class Special Honours degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in High Energy Particle Physics, and has worked on a wide range of topics in machine vision, neural networks and medical image analysis since 1989. His responsiblilities within TINA are research co-ordinator and algorithm integration. Current research interests and projects include cognitive modelling, machine vision systems and automated medical image analysis.

email: n.thacker@manchester.ac.uk
homepage: http://www.tina-vision.net/~nat

name: Paul Bromiley photo

Paul holds an M.A. in Natural Sciences (Physics and Theoretical Physics), an M.Sc. in Astrophysics and a Ph.D in the design of ultra-low temperature magnetic refrigerators for use on astronomical satellites. He has been a member of the TINA group since 2000 and has been awarded a University of Manchester Stepping Stones Fellowship. He is also currently responsible for maintaining the Tina website. Research interests include a variety of subjects in machine and robotic vision.

email: paul.bromiley@manchester.ac.uk
homepage: http://www.tina-vision.net/~pab

photo name: Hossein Ragheb

Hossein holds a B.Sc. in Computer Hardware Engineering, an M.Sc. in Machine Intelligence and Robotics, and a Ph.D. in Computer Vision (shape-from-shading and reflectance modeling). He has completed two post-doctoral research projects before joining the TINA group in early 2009: the first, at the University of York, was on Physics-based Reflectance Modeling (2003-2004) while the second, at Kingston University London, was on Action Recognition from CCTV Video Streams (2006-2009). He currently works on a research project sponsored by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, on Automatic Landmark Measurement for Morphological Studies. Research interests include topics in computer vision, visual surveillance, medical image processing, and computer graphics.

email: Hossein.Ragheb@manchester.ac.uk
homepage: http://www.tina-vision.net/~hr

Gone, but not forgotten

name site from-to
Steve Pollard AIVRU, University of Sheffield 1988-1995
John Porrill " "
Stuart Cornell " "
Julian Briggs " "
Jim Irvins " "
Richard Lane ESG, University of Sheffield 1992-1995
Anthony Ashbrook " 1992-1996
Dave Prendegast " 1993-1995
Juergen Luetten " 1993-1996
Frank Aherne " 1993-1997
Simon Crossley " 1997-2001
Beth Vokurka NiAC, University of Manchester 1997-1999
Tony Lacey " 1992-2003
Maja Pokric " 2000-2005
Marietta Scott " 2001-2006
Shane McKie " 2002-2004
Giovanni Buonaccorsi " 2004-2005
Sasirekha Palaniswamy " 2005-2008
Simon Coupe " 2005-2009

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