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machine vision

OSMIA Direct funding from the EU to develop the existing TINA system into the premiere open source environment for research into medical image analysis. Finished
RINA Development of an interface system to allow the open source statistical analysis package R (see r-project.org) to use TINA library functions. In progress
Machine/Robotic Vision
SIMBAD Smart Inactivity Monitoring using Array Based Detectors. A collaborative project with IRISYS Ltd., British Telecom, and the University of Liverpool to develop a human fall detector for use in sheltered accommodation units. Finished.
Medical Image Analysis
WebAS Web Analysis Server. Provides a web server which has integrated tina analysis functionality, allowing the user to perform remote medical image analysis. In progress
NCBF Net Cerebral Blood Flow. Development of a novel technique for the measurement of blood flow in the brain using DSCE-MRI, based on the volume and average time of arrival of contrast agent in each voxel. In progress
DODECANTS Diagnosis of dementing diseases using analysis of patterns of cerebral atrophy, measured through a low parameter representation of the distribution of cerebro-spinal fluid. In progress

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