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project : Web Analysis Server

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The Web Analysis Server provides a new way to experience the medical image analysis algorithms available in TINA using a web browser as the frontend. This project provides the infrastructure within which interfaces to TINA medical functionality are being developed.

The system uses a Tcl/TK interface to the tina-tools system which allows a scriptible tina application to be built. This is then used as the tcl shell for a third-party, open source, wholey scripted web browser called tclhttpd. This server allows dynamic content to be generated. Tcl code is used to generate the dynamic content (such as the interface and analysis results) and only HTML 4.0 complient output is produced.

An example of one of the interfaces is provided below.

WebAS Screenshot

Click on image for full screen version

Developers Giovanni Buonaccorsi email: giob@man.ac.uk
Tony Lacey email: a.lacey@man.ac.uk


Currently funded as part of the OSMIA project


For details of the build process and the WebAS requirements please read the README.

The current development version can be downloaded from the cvs repository as the module 'WebAS'. Please refer to the developer site for more cvs details.


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