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Obtaining TINA

The TINA software consists of two collections of libraries: the tina-libs (basic functionality) and the tina-tools (algorithmic functionality). In order to use the libraries, you must build an interface programme called a toolkit. The software is primarily intended for linux platforms: for instructions on how to compile under windows, see the WIKI page.



The TINA software can be obtained, in the form of gzipped tarballs, from the

Get the tarballs here

link. These are updated whenever the code is changed. As TINA is research software, it is in a continual state of flux and has no stable version as such: if you find a bug, check for a newer version of the software, or send us an e-mail.

In order to install the software using the tarballs, download both the tina-libs and tina-tools tarballs from the link above. Place them in a convenient location, such as /usr/local/Tina6, and then unzip and untar both of them. Then follow the instructions in the INSTALL files in both directories: build tina-libs first.

Ancilliary Files

Some algorithms in TINA require additional files e.g. initial model files for the segmentation tool. These files are stored under the tarballs link above.

Code viewing

The latest version of the base software (tina-libs and tina-tools) currently held in the main repository can be viewed on-line using either lxr or doxygen. Both databases are updated nightly.
tina-libs [lxr] [doxygen]
tina-tools [lxr] [doxygen]
online manuals


Online versions of the Tina 5 user guide, programmers guide, and programmers reference guide. The PDF versions avaiable for download are the same as those in the technical memos area on the documentation page. These manuals are still valid for Tina 6.

user guide [online] [download PDF]
programmers guide [online] [download PDF]
programmers reference guide [online] [download PDF]
Running under Windows

Tina was written for use primarily on GNU/Linux systems, and also runs natively on Solaris and recent versions of MacOS. However, a number of techniques exist through which it can be run under Windows. Further instructions are provided on the WIKI page.

Anonymous CVS Access

Tina is currectly being updated from version 5 to version 6 and, during this process, the code has been removed from CVS control. It is anticipated that CVS control will be reinstated in the near future. If you would like to submit code to TINA, or have other questions regarding development see the developer site.

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