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MSc course


The material presented here is primarily intended for students taking the machine vision module of the University of Manchester's computer science MSc course, parts of which are taught by members of the Tina core programmers group (especially NAT). However, it may be of more general interest as an introduction to some of the algorithms provided by the Tina libraries.

MSc course

If you are taking module CS644 (taught in Computer Science) you will need to complete the pre-course Matlab practicals on the primer pages. If you are taking the course taught in ISBE (in the Stopford Building) you will work through the MSc course practicals during the Friday afternoon tutorials instead. Students on both courses should familiarise themselves with the terminology guide on the primer pages.

Primer material

Students should work through this material before taking the machine vision module of the MSc course.

Primer pages [view]


Instructions for the MSc course practicals: these handouts are given to students before each practical session.

MSc Course Practcals [view] [download]

Fix for the stereo practical on the TINA KNOPPIX cd

Go to this page.


These documents provide tutorials on various aspects of machine vision and statistics, acting as introductions to the field. They are all in PDF format, and can also be accessed via. the douments page.

Overview of Stereo Matching Research [download]
The Kalman Filter [download]
Algorithms for 2D Object Recognition [download]
Supervised Neural Networks in Machine Vision [download]
Statistics and Estimation in Machine Vision [download]
Structural MRI Analysis using Volumetric Voxel Analysis [download]
Functional MRI Analysis [download]
A Critical Analysis of Voxel Based Morphometry [download]
Tutorial: Computing 2D and 3D Optical Flow [download]
Tutorial: Beyond Likelihood [download]
Tutorial: Defining Probability for Science [download]

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