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Remastering info

Version Number Policy

The version numbers of TINA KNOPPIX are assigned in accordance with the following policy:

-- Major versions (N.x.x) represent a change in the version number of either TINA or KNOPPIX used.
-- Minor versions (x.N.x) represent a change in the contents of the CD (e.g. webpages, kicklist, or TINA toolkits).
-- Sub-minor versions (x.x.N) represent bug fixes to the previous version.

Release names are assigned by the author depending on how he feels at the time.

Version 3.1 (GMTool): 17/2/2012

This version updates 3.0.0 to the final TINA libraries and Geometric Morphometrics toolkit produced during the Max Planck project.

-- based on KNOPPIX 6.4.3
-- includes TINA 6 rcbuild008 and the TINA Geometric Morphometrics toolkit (the new name for the Manual Landmark toolkit) v2.0.

Version 3.0.0 (MLTool): 9/2/2011

This version represents a major reboot of the TINA Knoppix CD project; pretty much everything was started from scratch, with no relationship to previous versions.

-- based on KNOPPIX 6.4.3
-- includes TINA 6 and the TINA Manual Landmark toolkit.

Version 2.0.0 (Easter): 29/3/2005

Remastered KNOPPIX 3.8 (the CeBIT 2005 version: how about that for rapid updates!).

-- Knoppix 3.8.
-- Updated the kicklist.
-- Major re-write of the web pages.

Version 1.0.2 (Parliament): 11/03/2005

Fixed one tina and a few webpage bugs, and used iso optimisation (see remastering instructions).

Version 1.0.1 (Student): 08/03/2005

Small updates: added all TINA memos, used clean script, and fixed one of the example cls files.

Version 1.0: 07/03/2005

The first public release version:

-- Knoppix 3.7;
-- Tina5;
-- Practicals from our MSc course in Machine Vision as demos.
-- maxima, gnuplot, xgobi, ddd, lxr and glimpse installed.

Version 0.2: 21/04/2004

--Replaced the KNOPPIX index.html with a set of webpages relevant to TINA KNOPPIX: these will also go onto the TINA website.
--Updated the kicklist. The script to set TINA system variables (sh.tina) now runs when the shell starts up.
--Included the full TINA memo directory.
--Optimised the .iso build to decrease the time required to boot from the CD.
--Changed the desktop wallpaper and splash screen.
--Added icons on the desktop for the example tinatools.

Version 0.1: 26/03/2004

The first alpha version of TINA KNOPPIX, using KNOPPIX 3.3, the TINA 4.0.1 libraries, and the TINA skeleton tool and 3D model matcher tool demos.