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Instructions for TINA KNOPPIX

Running the tinatools

Instructions on how to run the TINA toolkits included on the TINA Knoppix CD are provided here. More detailed information on how to use this software can be found in the TINA User's Guide and the TINA Geometric Morphometrics Toolkit User's Guide.

TINA User's Guide
Edited by Neil Thacker

TINA Geometric Morphometrics Toolkit User's Guide
Paul A. Bromiley

Saving images from TINA

The usual procrdure for saving any image from TINA is to click on the "view" tool from the top-level tinatool window, select the TV whose image you want to save (by clicking in the relevant "TV" button in the corresponding tool: the name of the TV will then appear in the view tool TV field), clicking on "dump" in the view tool to open the dump tool window, and finally entering the path for the saved image into the dump tool, selecting the colour depth of the output image, and clicking on "TIFF" or "EPS" in the dump tool to output the image in that format. However, the TINA KNOPPIX CD runs a linux operating system from the CD: you cannot write to the CD, and so saving images requires a few more steps. KNOPPIX provides a home area called /home/knoppix: save your images from TINA here. This area exists in ramdisk, so will be lost when you reboot.

To save images permanently, you must copy them to a permanent location such as a memory stick; plug the stick into a USB port and then click on the filing cabinet icon in the taskbar. This will start the Knoppix file manager; the memory stick should appear in the menu on the left-hand side of the window as "UDISK 2.0" or something similar. Click on this to open the memory stick; the file manager can then be used to copy any saved files. Remember to unmount the memory stick before it is physically removed from the computer; this can be acheived either by shutting down or by right-clicking on the memory stick name in the left-hand menu of the file manager and selecting "unmount volume" from the drop-down menu.

KNOPPIX Documentation

KNOPPIX cheatcodes

TINA Memos

The TINA memo system contains preprints and extended versions of our published papers, together with internal reports on the algorithms incorporated into TINA, mathematical derivations etc. The most recent copies of the memos are available online here.