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TINA Library Download

TINA is an open source environment developed to accelerate the process of image analysis research. TINA provides functionality to assist in all areas of image analysis including handling of image, image feature and geometrical data; statistical and numerical analysis of data; GUI development as well as transmission and containment of data. TINA also provides a range of high-level analysis techniques for both machine vision (3D object location, 2D object recognition, temporal-stereo depth estimation, etc) and medical image analysis (MR tissue segmentation, blood flow analysis, etc). Now, thanks to the magic of KNOPPIX , you can experience TINA without installing any software. Simply place the CD into the CD drive of any PC and reboot. Further instructions are provided on the documentation page.

ISO Download

The TINA KNOPPIX Live CD will be updated as new versions of TINA and KNOPPIX become available, as the TINA memo system is updated, and (most importantly) as time allows. The .iso files are available from here: simply download the latest .iso and use your CD burning software to burn it onto a CD. Remember that this is a disk image, and you must use the "burn image" mode of your CD burning software to create the CD. If the CD doesn't boot, and upon mounting it you can see the .ISO file in a filebrowser, this is where you went wrong. If you have any problems, contact the author at [paul.bromiley@man.ac.uk]. Help on compiling TINA and using the TINA KNOPPIX Live CD can also be found at the TINA Wiki page on the TINA website.

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