3D Wireframe Model Matcher

Object Recognition

These files contain demonstrations of the Wireframe 3D Object Recognition software origionally developed at AIVRU at the University of Sheffield. The software can be used to extract edge based stereo data from a pair of cal-ibrated images (see the calibration demonstration). This data is then used to generate a 2D and finally 3D wireframe which is matched to a wireframe model. Typical problems that the technique is designed to cope with include inaacurate and imperfect data segmentation, scene clutter and object occlusion. Limitations of the technique include; an inability to coherently discrimiate between different objects and the need for manual construction of the 3D model. These problems are addressed in the pairwise geometric histogram generation.

Library toolkit
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Sun Sparc - Solaris 2
binary 2
Intel x86 - Linux 2
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