Stereo Camera Calibration

Camera Calibration

The files below contain a demonstrations of the camera calibration [1] software developed at the University of Sheffield, but can also be used to demonstrate a corner based stereo matching algorithm [2]. The same software can also be used for the more standard tile based calibration techniques, such as Tsai. In this software image plane errors are minimised iteratively and robustly from an initial estimate of the calibration. The technique permits the selection of arbitrary parameters a-priori and can also deal with radial distortion effects. The methods also permit the estimation of calibration parameter covariances for the purposes of optimal combination.

Library toolkit
binary 1
Sun Sparc - Solaris 2
binary 2
Intel x86 - Linux 2
[1] N.A.Thacker and J.E.W.Mayhew. `Optimal Combination of Stereo Camera Calibration from Arbitrary Stereo Images', Image and Vision Computing. 9(1), 27-32, 1990.
[2] N.A.Thacker and P.Courtney. `Statistical Analysis of a Stereo Matching Algorithm.' Proc. British Machine Vision Conference., Leeds, 316-326, 1992.
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