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Tina 5 is an older, deprecated version of the Tina software. The move to Tina 5, initiated by the Osmia project in 2003, resulted in numerous improvements compared to Tina 4, including a new structure for the header files, the split into tina-libs and tina-tools, an autotools-based build system, a Gtk+ 1 interface, a CVS repository, and these web pages.

During its lifetime (2003-2009) Tina 5 was continuously developed, with major new functionality (e.g. upgrades to the medical image segmentation and registration tools), a new Gtk+ 2 based interface, and numerous bug fixes. The shift from 32-bit to 64-bit operating systems also occurred during this time, requiring a concerted effort to fix several thousand compiler warnings resulting from outdated coding practices (e.g. assuming that pointers and integer variables are the same size).

By 2009 it had become obvious that the proliferation of interfaces to different widget libraries (xview, motif, Tcl/Tk, Gtk+ 1.2 and Gtk+ 2) was holding back further development of the Tina libraries, making it difficult to fix bugs at the interface between the draw, gphx and wdgts libraries and making the build system unnecessarily complicated. Therefore, the decision was made to re-version the software, deprecating all but the Gtk+ 2 interface and considerably simplifying the build system. Development of Tina will continue with the new version (Tina 6).

This page provides continued access to Tina 5, for a variety of reasons (equivalence testing of algorithms, historical interest etc.). The code can be downloaded either in the form of gzipped tarballs (from the links below) or via the CVS repository. However, we will no longer support Tina 5, and no further modifications will be made to the code. Users should upgrade to Tina 6 at the earliest opportunity: fortunately, all Tina 5 project areas (toolkits) should compile with Tina 6 without modification, other than modifying makefiles to remove references to the deprecated widget library interfaces.

tina 5 12/11/2009 [tina-libs] [tina-tools]

Code viewing

The Tina 5 code can be viewed here using either lxr or doxygen.

tina-libs [lxr] [doxygen]
tina-tools [lxr] [doxygen]

CVS Access

Anonymous CVS Access

The Tina 5 software is available through anonymous CVS access. To login to the server use the following command and just press Enter when prompted for a password;

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.tina-vision.net:/home/tina/cvs login

To download modules (such as tina-libs or tina-tools which are the main TINA modules) use the following command;

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.tina-vision.net:/home/tina/cvs co modulename

To find out what modules are available use the command;

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.tina-vision.net:/home/tina/cvs co -c

Several project areas described in the memo system are still distributed via the CVS repository (e.g. the astronomy and graph digitizer tools).

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